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Welcome to the Frog Wifi Hotspot.

Rural Wifi is a precious thing, and WAY more expensive than you might imagine. Suffice to say....it's not free to us!

We offer it to you Free, nonetheless, and also a variety of payment plans. Your first 30 minutes of Wifi use is no charge(subject to a 30 mB data transfer limit), but we encourage you to contribute to our donation jar by the till, if you can. If you need more time or data, pick up a pay-code voucher at the till, or register on our site online.

On the next page you can:

1: Click the 'Guest' button for 30 minutes/30mB of free wifi service. Ignore the 'buy a package" and scroll to the bottom of the following page, and click 'Continue' (feel free to donate a loonie at the till)...or...

2: Enter the username and password you purchased at the till, for various levels of internet service(re-usable for 30 days or until expired)....or...

3: Pay online and log on through the online directions.


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