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92.5 FM
Park Radio


Home of Barkerville, Bowron Lake, Cariboo Mountain, and Wendle Provincial Parks

Naturally Friendly. Park yourself in Wells


92.5 FM on a low power transmitter pumping out a massive 5 watts of power!

That means we're catchable all the way from Slough Creek to Camerontown!

Community Service Radio in Wells.


Park Radio celebrates our community. We have hourly features of one of our 10 local musicians, and tons of programming that features regional performers, especially those who've come to us through Artswells! In addition we help locals, newcomers and visitors orient themselves to the services and events in Wells, Barkerville and Bowron Lakes.

If you have some music you think we should play, contact us. If you would like to put together a radio show for regular or irregular broadcast let us know. If you have a community announcement or would like to advertise an event, let us know. Community announcements are at the top of every hour. Feel free to offer us suggestions, donate time or otherwise contribute.


Schedule: Announcements at the top of every hour. Folk mix every hour except where noted below: Enjoy.

our email is radio(at)frogonthebog.com


If you've got the faith, and then go to this button:

to help create money to get a real non-profit society, with its own paypal account/bank account, and with you as a founding member. Your donation(can I suggest a 3 frappucino equivalent? $20 to $25 min) will roll over into your membership!

There are a few other ways to help.

#1 Raise capital.
Stop by the Bear's Paw and give us $20, or whatever you can, or go to the http://frogonthebog.com/radio/ and donate as little or as much as you want. Besides the radio software, expenses with CRTC, Socan, Bank account fees, etc!

#2 Write a letter of support.
We need support from people who
a) want to hear radio, people who think community radio is good for the community and
b) support from people who in reality or
c) even in their imagination believe that they will contribute to Park radio. (submit songs, serve on the board, host a show, manage the website, fundraise, perform live, or whatever)

#3 Help set up.
Let me know if you can take a little paperwork load digitally!

OF COURSE we have a facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/WellsCommunityRadio

our email is radio(at)frogonthebog.com


This page and this station are run by volunteers, and in their infancy.